August 19, 2014

Two More Deaths in the French Alps

Sadly, another two base jumpers were killed in unrelated accidents in the French Alps on Sunday (17th Aug). That brings the number of deaths base jumping in France to 4 since the end of July.

Base Jumping Deaths French Alps

Base jumping is exceptionally dangerous even to experienced practitioners as it involves parachuting off (in this case) mountains in a wingsuit. Often unlike skydivers who choose to jump from skyscrapers and bridges etc in big cities the “sport” of base jumping seems to focus on mountains and cliff faces. Studies have shown the pastime to be 5 times more dangerous than skydiving, as if that isn’t dangerous enough.

The first fatality occurred in Haute-Savoie on the Brevent Mountain which is approximately eight and a half thousand feet.

Tragically, just two hours later that day another fatality occurred after a base jumper hit a rock face when jumping from Mont Granier which is in between Savoie and Isère in South Eastern France.

Road Trip

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