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The Ultimate Driving in France Kit

Updated: November 2021


In today's post we are going to show you what the ultimate driving in France kit looks like.  This is based upon the most complete and up-to-date checklist of legal requirements for driving in France.  If you haven't seen that checklist yet, be sure to check it out before you leave our website.

ultimate driving in France travel kit


High Visibility Vests highvisibilityjacket.jpg

A High visibility vest is required to be worn by each occupant of your vehicle, when you are stood on the side of a major road or motorway - whether you have broken down or stopped for any other reason.

Having these not only helps you to comply with the law, but can also help to keep you safe - so it's a no-brainer really!

Warning Triangle


At least one warning triangle is required to be carried in your vehicle, in case you break down or have an accident (except mopeds and motorcycles).

If you are also driving in to Spain and some other EU countries, you actually need two warning triangles and not just one.

Headlamp Beam Deflectors


Most UK vehicles - when driven in France and the rest of the EU - must have their headlamp dipped beams deflected or otherwise adapted so that they don't dazzle oncoming motorists.

Some later vehicles have an adjustment lever or dipped beam that shines straight ahead, but most still need these converters.

Spare Bulb Kit


Although not directly a legal requirement - it is an offence to drive on the roads in France with an important bulb gone, and the only practical way to rectify this yourself is to have spares for the most common bulb fittings.

So, most motorists driving in France tend to carry a spare bulb kit with them.

First Aid Kit


This is another case where it isn't a legal requirement, but for practical reasons many motorists choose to take a first aid kit with them when they drive abroad.

They usually contain a range of plasters, bandage and some tape - just so that you can protect minor cuts and grazes that don't require medical attention.

Fire Extinguisher


A fire extinguisher is not a compulsory requirement - and in fact some people advise that you shouldn't carry one.  It is only really going to be useful if you spot a very small fire breaking out on your own vehicle, caravan, trailer or motorhome - or if you come across one on your travels.

Still, many prefer the reassurance of having one to hand and it's difficult to argue against that.

UK Sticker

No driving in France kit could be complete without mentioning the UK Sticker.

Although a legal requirement since September 2021, many vehicles still have the old GB sticker or GB/EU symbol on their number plates.

Personally I prefer the version on my registration plates, but technically this isn't sufficient for driving in Spain (where you must display a UK sticker - whether you have the UK letters on your number plates or not).

Helmet Stickers


A new requirement introduced not too long ago is the need for all moped and motorcycle riders to have reflective stickers on the front, rear and both sides of their helmets.  This is to increase their visibility in poor light conditions and each sticker must be at least 18cm² in area.

Some newer helmets may have reflective patches built in, and providing they comply with the minimum sizing requirements and are reflective then you will be fine.



So that's what the ultimate driving in France kit looks like.  You can order travel kits or any of the individual items that you need from our friends over at Euro Motoring - but don't forget to comply with the other legal requirements for driving in France and quirky laws mentioned in our checklist.


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