My first road trip to France was well over 30 years ago, long before I had a family. I was wet behind the ears and knew nothing!

I didn't care as driving in France was all a great new adventure. 

However when I went back again in 2007 I had a family to worry about and thought I should be better prepared. 

The problem was I couldn't find any accurate in-depth information on the subject. 

Many had written about the topic but most of it was very thin or absolute rubbish. (Or both)

So I figured if you want something done right, and the idea for Drive-France was born.
David Griffiths


Managing Director of Euro Motoring Ltd
I bought the domain name in 2008 and I've owned and run it ever since. 

I've owned and run several motoring related websites over the years and many of them have come and gone, but I have no intention of ever selling Drive France. 

It's what I'm passionate about.  The road trips I've had there have been some of the best times of my life.

The fact that this website has encouraged others to take the plunge and visit France via road gives me immense pride.
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