Headlamp Beam Deflectors

Headlamp Beam Deflectors are a "Must Do" legal requirement for all UK cars, vans and lorries driving not just in France, but any mainland European country. This is to make sure that your headlights don´t shine in the eyes of oncoming traffic. These have to be fitted to your car even if you only drive during the daylight hours.

They fit every make and model of car and van. Our brand is EU approved, simple to fit and easy to remove when you return to the UK so remember to get some before you travel as it is a 90 Euro on the spot fine for not having them fitted.

New Style Headlight Converters

Please note we now supply the latest UK patented headlight deflectors. They are suitable for HID, and LED headlights as well as standard Halogen or Xenon bulbs.

We've run extensive tests on these and believe them to be the best product on the market today. 

Right Hand Drive Cars, Driving in Europe

The 3 options just below are all for UK vehicles driving in Europe. You can opt to just buy the converters or buy them with a set of UK number plate sticker or the thrird option which is to buy them with an oval adhesive UK sticker.

*If you have a Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) car from Europe/USA that you want to drive in the UK then at the foot of the page you will see the LHD headlamp converters
Does my car need Headlamp Beam Deflectors
Headlamp Converters and UK Number Plate Stickers
Headlamp Beam Converters and UK Sticker

Legal requirements & consequences

When driving a UK-registered, right hand drive car, in France, or any other European mainland country. It is a legal requirement to ensure your car is road legal. If your headlights point towards the left kerb as they do in the UK, then in Europe you will be a hazard on the roads and could cause an accident by dazzling oncoming drivers.

If you have a standard UK beam pattern (with a left kerb bias) then headlamp beam deflectors must be fitted to comply with European law.

The consequences of not using headlamp beam deflectors can include on-the-spot fines and even more serious it can/will invalidate your cars insurance. 

If you are going to live abroad and use your car permanently the car will fail the MOT with an incorrect beam setting.

To comply with French regulations, you can purchase headlamp beam converters from the link below.

These deflectors are designed to redirect the headlight beam of your vehicle so that they don't dazzle drivers on the opposite side of the road.

It's important to ensure that the headlamp converters you choose are suitable for your specific make and model of car, and that they are fitted correctly before you travel. 

The Eurolite beam deflectors we recommend are universal and fit virtually every make and model of car on the roads today. They come with full fitting instructions.

It isn't so simple nowadays as in the past all cars needed them. With some modern cars having switchable headlights or adaptive headlights it isn't so clear cut anymore. Read my post "Does my car need headlamp beam deflectors?"

In summary, if you are driving a UK-registered car in France, it is a legal requirement to use headlamp beam deflectors to avoid dazzling other drivers on the road. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in fines from French police or worse cause an accident.

Headlamp converters for driving in UK*

If you are bringing a European car to the UK
For foreign LHD cars driving in the UK
Left Hand Drive headlamp Converters
If you are visiting the UK on holiday or coming here to live and bringing your car from overseas then the headlight settings will be incorrect. Your Euro car will not be correct for driving on the UK roads and you will not be able to pass a UK MOT either. 

You can solve the problem buy buying some "left hand drive" headlamp converters.
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