Speed Converter for France (mph to kph)


It’s important to know how fast you’re driving at all times if you wish to stay within the law. Driving a UK car which has a speedometer which reads in miles per hour (mph) when you are in France which sets speed limits in kilometres per hour (kph) makes the task of sticking to the speed limits doubly difficult.

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Does France use mph or kph?

Well France, like the whole of mainland Europe, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal etc) all use KPH.

Most of us can't convert mph to kph in our heads and whilst driving in a foreign country you have enough to worry about. So this handy converter, that sticks on your windscreen is a great solution to the problem.


Avoid speeding fines

It is bad enough getting a speeding ticket for any reason but don't risk getting one just because you had no idea what speed you were supposed to be travelling at.

This simple speed converter for France (mph to kph) will enable you to stay safe and legal while driving in Europe. Our very simple transparent speed converter that sticks neatly to your windscreen will prove a very useful addition to your driving in France kit.

There is no messy glue to worry about and the sticker is reusable over and over again.

The speed converter provides both mph to kph and vice versa for anyone driving a European car in the UK.

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Simple but clever

Like most good ideas this is really simple. The speed converter is just a useful driver aid if you're taking a road trip through France, where the speed limits are stated in kph.

For guidance on speeding fines in France see here.

It is always advisable to check what the kph limits are in any country you will be driving in as ignorance is no excuse when it comes to getting an on-the spot speeding ticket.



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