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Whether you are just planning a short trip or looking to live permanently in France you will find some useful resources here. 

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New European Breakdown Website

There is a new European Breakdown Cover website that has just started up called: it's owned by the same person who owns 


Motorhome Sales and Servicing

One of the most flexible ways to tour France has to be by motorhome. Whether you prefer to explore Normandy and the North, or head South to the Pyrenees and beyond - you will find lots of UK motorhomes for sale on


Walking, Rambling and Hiking Travel Blog

One of the travel blogs that we like to read is by Jill Banthorpe who documents her walking holidays from around the world. Jill used to own a holiday home in Burgundy region of France and has written some great articles about it.

Here blog Skye Walks is a great read. 

Enterprise Business Hub

We are pleased to be a featured business on the EE Business Hub. EE Hub's aim is to help promote online entrepreneurs and bloggers. 


Chalk Kids Parenting Blog

A great blog for people with a young family lots of tips, ideas and reviews for young mums. Chalk Kids blog

Web Design and Social Media 

We 100% recommend they designed and built our website here at Drive-France and more importantly they are responsible for getting our website listed so highly in the search engines for the major keywords in our niche. This website now gets a minimum of a thousand unique visitors per day.  

Also since Ditso has taken over our Social Media our online presence has sky rocketed and I can't thank them enough.

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Holiday Gites & Villas in France

We list some "Places to Stay" on our website but if you'd like to search hundreds of them then we suggest

They offer self-catering properties across France from snug cottages, to rural gites and even imposing Chateaux. Owners can add a property for £99.99 per year.


French Culture and Travel Guide.jpg


The French Culture and Adventures travel guide website is owned and run by Deborah Dutton and was created to give you information and advice on French culture as well as practical travel tips. Visit the site here:


Headlamp Converters for France: 

Headlight Deflectors

High Point Holidays:

Car Fuses: Car Fuses

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