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Last Updated: May 2024
We have all the latest up to date info you need for UK sticker for car rules and regulations. 

UK Car Sticker rules are different now, old style GB stickers or EU ones are no longer legal. Avoid a £120 fine by getting a UK sticker for your car, a fitting it in the right place.

Read this article to learn everything you need to know to be compliant with the rules and where to buy the best UK Car sticker for your vehicle. 

All vehicles and anything being towed must now display a “UK” Sticker as the country identifier not the old-style GB sticker or previous GB/Euro flag type ones.

You can buy the new UK stickers and UK Number plate stickers via our sister website Euro Motoring

If you need a UK sticker for a motorcycle see here

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UK sticker for car Rules

If you read this article, you will know all the requirements for having a UK sticker on your car, so you know why you need them and what size etc to fully comply with the rules.

See our full Driving in France Checklist page for other things you should be aware of.
UK Stickers

UK Car Sticker Requirements

A brief history of the recent changes.

When Brexit came into force (January 2021) the old-style GB Stickers and the GB number plate ones with the Euro Stars flag were no longer valid and everyone driving in France and beyond had to have the plain white GB Sticker on their vehicles and trailers.

Your number plates could no longer have the GB letters with the EU Flag around it and had to be replaced with the Union Jack and the GB letters. Just a few months later the rules changed yet again.

If you are annoyed that it isn’t that long since you went to the expense and trouble of ordering new number plates and or GB stickers, spare a thought for people like us who literally threw thousands of them into landfill on the 28th Sept 2021!

So from 2022 onwards any UK motorist (In a UK registered vehicle) is required by law to display the new country of origin identifier. This is now a UK sticker.

UK Car Sticker Size for France/Europe

The official size is 18cm wide by 13.3cm tall. Some suppliers sell smaller ones because they look less intrusive on the car but they are not legal. I guess the police would need to be pretty petty to get a tape measure out, but never put it past them.

If you want to just have a number plate sticker, which is a lot smaller and less intrusive, you could opt for a set of those. Though they are legal in France to have on their own they are not in Spain, Malta or Cyprus. They insist on a full sized one even if you have a UK number plate sticker.

These rules apply whichever country outside the UK you are driving so that means not just France or mainland Europe.
UK Sticker for France

Where do I put my UK car sticker?

Well, it must be clearly displayed somewhere that a following police vehicle can see it. Don't have anything overhanging for example that can obstruct it.

If you are towing something, like a caravan or boat, that MUST also have a UK sticker.

Where possible I put mine on the rear window as they are easily removeable without damaging the paintwork or use one of the magnetic UK plates.

You can have them on the lower-left or lower-right corner of your rear windshield or on the corresponding side of your rear bumper. 

It is important to ensure that the sticker is clearly visible and not obstructed by any other objects, such as bike racks or additional equipment, so that it can be easily seen by other road users and authorities. 

Proper placement helps you stay compliant with local regulations and reduces the risk of fines or penalties while driving abroad.

The New Rules in detail

From 28 September 2021 onwards you need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle (without exception) in Spain, Cyprus or Malta.

For other European countries like France, Germany etc, merely having the new UK car sticker and Union Jack on your number plate is sufficient.

If you don’t have the new UK number plate stickers, then you must have a full-size UK sticker on the rear of your vehicle.

All “old style” number plate identifiers, or no identifier at all is now illegal.

Old style ones include a GB identifier with the Union flag, the Euro flag, any national flag for England, Wales, or Scotland.

Again, if your number plate has the new UK identifier with the Union Jack then you are not required to have a full size UK sticker on your vehicle for France but you are for Spain etc so our advice is to be safe just get one anyway.

If you have an old GB sticker, you need to cover or remove it. Be careful of the paintwork if removing a sticker.

Where to buy UK sticker for car?

Well, the good news is Drive-France is the sister website to "Euro Motoring Ltd" and if you visit that website you can find all you need.

On the Euro Motoring site we supply not only the regulation UK stickers (adhesive ones), magnetic UK ones and the number plate stickers and a full range of other items you may need.

The price includes free UK delivery. 

Fine for not having a UK Sticker

The fine for not correctly displaying a UK car sticker is £120 (150 Euros) so to not buy one, which will cost less that £4 is bonkers. It would put a damper on your holiday and dent your spending money to have to fork out for an on-the-spot fine by police.  

The Importance of Adhering to Local Traffic Regulations

Simple things like UK stickers, headlamp converters may seem insignificant but they can invalidate your car insurance if your car is not deemed to be road legal. 

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The majority of people drive to France blissfully unaware of most of the rules of the road there, that differ from the UK. 

Bear in mind this became law nearly 2 years ago and GB stickers have been a requirement for decades, see this reply to a Facebook post of mine about UK stickers just recently;

Sue White Posted: We crossed over between Roscoff and Plymouth a couple of weeks ago. We saw loads of British plates and the majority of them didn't have any stickers at all whilst most of the rest had GB ones. We saw possibly 10 vehicles out of 200+ with UK stickers. No one seems to be enforcing it either side of the channel from what l have seen.

The thing is you might visit France 10 times and get away with it but every now and then the French police sit at Calais or other popular ports and ticket everybody as they exit the port. 

Also if you get caught speeding then they will often look for what else they can fine you for. See our full checklist for all the items you need.
UK Car Sticker

Do I need a UK sticker on my car?

100% yes if you are going to be driving outside of the UK. As mentioned above you definitely need a full size one, either adhesive or magnetic, in Cyprus, Malta and Spain.

Though you have the choice for other European countries to just rely on having the UK Number plate stickers.

It is your choice but you must display at least one type of UK sticker.

Motorcycle UK Stickers 

If you need a UK sticker for your motorbike then you you have a couple of options to choose from.

Check them out here.

Why the change from GB to UK?

The change from GB to UK stickers stems from the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union, also known as Brexit. This transition has led to a series of regulatory adjustments, including modifications to vehicle identification requirements when driving abroad. 

Our old style GB stickers in recent years had the Euro Stars circling it which is out of date post Brexit. 

The new UK stickers ensure that British vehicles are easily identifiable to police in other countries.
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