Small UK sticker for Motorcycle


You will need a small UK sticker on your motorcycle if riding through France or mainland Europe. 

You have a few options for this and we will show them all at the bottom of the page.


Where to put a UK sticker on a motorcycle?

Firstly you only have to have a rear facing one.

However unlike a car, van, motorhome etc putting a UK sticker on a bike isn't quite so easy. A standard "Oval UK sticker" for a car is normally way too big for a bike as they are 18 cm wide by 13.3 cm tall. 

The only place you can put one that size would be if you had a large box or a big set of panniers. 

The best solution is to either use a car number plate sticker (just the rear, yellow one) or a set of specially designed for the job, "Motorbike UK Plate stickers".


What size UK sticker for motorcycle?

A car rear number plate sticker is aprox 44mm wide by 109mm tall and you may be able to find somewhere to place this.

The best option is the motorbike UK plate stickers as they are designed specifically for the job.

You get two in a set, both rear ones, and they are ideal to be fitted on your number plate.


Is GB sticker still valid?

Not anymore, and if you have one you should cover it over or remove it. 


Do I need a UK sticker on a motorcycle?

Yes you do, the rules are fairly clear. You must have a "country identifier" displayed on any motor vehicle on the roads in Europe. So it isn't just France, if you are carrying on through to Spain or any other mainland European country you have to have one. 


Motorcycle Rules and Regulations

See our motorcycling in France page for more in-depth information.  



Motorcycle UK Stickers

Bike UK Number Plate Sticker

24mm x 54 mm

UK Car Number Plate Stickers

UK Car Number Plate Stickers

44mm x 109 mm (Approx) 

Motorcycle Small Oval Shape UK Sticker

Oval UK Motorbike Sticker

80mm x 43mm (Approx)


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