Route Planner France

Whether you wish to find the fastest, most scenic or cheapest route (distance and/or Toll charges) the Drive-France route planner is what you need. Prior preparation is key.

Remember time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted!
Route Planner France
By planning your journey ahead of time, you will reduce the stress levels and increase enjoyment for your trip.

Although we have pre-programmed the map to show Calais to Paris you can change the start and finish points precisely to your own journey.

Check out our "Driving in France Checklist" page for further useful information, hints and tips that may make your drive through France that little bit easier. 

It's always better to check the mileage for your trip and get an idea of how much you are likely to pay in "Toll Charges."

The least you should prepare is a basic itinerary.

French Road Network

France has a brilliant network of roads and apart from the major cities, and also during peak holiday seasons, you will find them less congested than the UK motorway network.

The toll roads are expensive but can save a lot of time if you are in a hurry. You can read a case study here of using a automatic toll charge system on your trip.
Route Planner France

Toll Road Route Planner

The best website for calculating your toll charges is and I use this one all the time. 

Rarely is it not up to date and and it will certainly aid you with the decision of whether it's worth paying tolls to save time and fuel on your journey by going via the more direct route or whether you'd rather drive through France at a leisurely pace and not pay tolls at all.
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