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Hidden gems in Northern France

Northern France itinerary Discover hidden gems in Northern France beyond the usual tourist routes. Explore enchanting towns, serene landscapes, and lesser-known places in this detailed guide. I thought I’d share some hidden gems in northern France. So I’ve written some of my memories of a trip I took some time ago and hopefully it may […]

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Can you use a mobile phone while driving in France

No, you can’t use a phone while driving, and the fine is €135. Not even hands free. Only passengers can speak on a mobile phone while driving in France. The number of French motorists using their mobile phones while driving, speeding and tailgating is on the rise so it just plays into the stereotype that […]

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Petrol Prices France

OK so you are about to spend some time driving in France and you've suddenly had the thought “What are the fuel prices in France?” Well, there is no need to worry as compared to the UK, prices are currently very good. They are a little bit cheaper than the UK currently and the bonus […]

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New Speed Limits in France

New Speed Limits in France This is an old post, see our Speed Cameras page for more up to date information. Old Post starts here: The summer holiday season is fast approaching, so if you are planning a driving trip to France then this article could save you money by making aware of the changes […]

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Flip Flop Fines

Has the French Police Gone Mad? French police always have an eye on any chance to issue on the spot fines, and this time they have surpassed themselves. A female driver was stopped near Toulouse and has been issued an on-the-spot fine of €90 for driving whilst wearing flip flops! Yes, we know France has […]

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Speeding Fines in France

Please Note: This is an old post (2015) and since Brexit, the cross border enforcement of motoring offences is no longer in force. Though France and the UK are speaking about a deal just between the 2 countries. See our page about "Speed Cameras in France" for the latest details. OLD ARTICLE STARTS HERE: With […]

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Drink Driving Laws Changed in France

This article talks about the NEW driving laws (from July 2015) don't forget all the existing ones mentioned here. If you want to buy breathalysers for your trip to France, get them here. New Laws The Drink Driving Law and Mobile Phone Legislation and the use of Headphones has changed in France. The legal blood alcohol level has been lowered again for new […]

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Toll Roads Rip Off France

The French equivalent of the monopolies and mergers commission the “Competition Authority” (Autorité de la Concurrence) published a report that was leaked to the French newspaper Les Echoes. The report stated that the prices being charged on toll roads in France are extortionate. Extortionate wasn't the actual word they used but they went as far […]

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Two More Deaths in the French Alps

Sadly, another two base jumpers were killed in unrelated accidents in the French Alps on Sunday (17th Aug). That brings the number of deaths base jumping in France to 4 since the end of July. Base jumping is exceptionally dangerous even to experienced practitioners as it involves parachuting off (in this case) mountains in a […]

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