Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

Reflective Helmet Stickers/Decals x 4 (Fully Compliant with French Road Law)

Many newer helmets come with reflective stickers supplied in which case you will not have to have these when abroad but if your helmet does not then you might want to apply some. Whether the law applies only to French residents or visitors as well is a little blurry.

These are "Permanent" stickers

These are for PERMANENT use and the adhesive is not supposed to allow them to be taken off once they have been applied. That doesn't mean it is impossible to remove them, but I would not advise you try to do so or there is a strong possibility that you could damage the helmet.

This does give you a dilemma as to whether to fit them or not, but Drive-France cannot take any responsibility if you try to remove them after your trip and damage your helmet.
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