Motorcycle Helmet Stickers


Reflective Helmet Stickers/Decals x 4 (Fully Compliant with French Road Law)

Many newer helmets come with reflective stickers supplied in which case you will not have to have these when abroad but if your helmet does not then you will need to apply some or you will be breaking the law in France.


These are "Permanent" stickers

These are for PERMANENT use and the adhesive is not supposed to allow them to be taken off once they have been applied. That doesn't mean it is impossible to remove them but I would not advise you try to do so or there is a possibility that you could damage the helmet.

This does give you a dilemma as to whether to fit them or not as you can get fined for not having them, but Drive-France can not take any responsibility if you try to remove them after your trip and damage your helmet.


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The Law 

Several people have contacted me and said "my mate lives in France and he says it's only for locals not tourists on motorcycles".

I can find absolutely no evidence of this. By evidence I mean an official French website pointing to government legislation that actually says this. All official motoring rules that I've seen makes no distinction between residents and tourists it just says "All Motorcyclists".

So officially it is a legal requirement to have these if your helmet doesn't come supplied with them. The traffic laws state that motorcycle helmets worn in France have to be fitted with retro-reflective stickers on all four 'sides'.

Our Reflective Helmet Stickers/Decals (pack of four) for riding in France are for any motorised 2 or 3 wheeled bike that requires you to wear a helmet.

Your helmet has to have one on the front, one on the back and one on each side.

They must be a minimum of 18 square cm and each sticker has to be capable of drawing a 40 mm diameter circle, OR a 12.50 cm2 rectangle with a minimum of 20 mm length.

Our reflective stickers are fully compliant with this road legislation. 

Be seen, be Safe and be Legal!

Avoid an on-the-spot fine for failing to comply the French rules, with our 
Motorcycle Helmet Reflective Stickers. Like it or not they are Legal requirement in France. For details on Motorcycling in France see here.


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Complies to Size and Reflectivity Regulations

4 x Dynamic Shapes

£6.95 (Free UK Delivery)

It is possible to buy cheap alternatives via various online auction websites but many of the ones sold on them are NOT EU compliant even though they brazenly say they are.

Here at Drive-France we only sell top quality items and you get what you pay for.


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