Motorcycling in France Legal Requirements


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OK as brief as possible here are some of the legal considerations for motorcycling in France, including the new Hi Viz Vest rules.


Mopeds max 80cc - 16 yrs old and for anything over 80cc’s it’s 18 years old minimum. You cannot ride on a provisional licence end of story.

Hi Viz

On the Spot Fine of €11 for not having a Hi Viz Vest with you if spot checked. The fine rises to €135 if you have stopped at the roadside for any mechanical reasons or due to an accident and you are not wearing it. 


Dipped lights must be used at all times, no exceptions and having a faulty bulb may result in an on-the-spot fine. We strongly suggest you check all lights before leaving for France.

It is a legal requirement to have the headlight beam deflected so as not to dazzle other road users. We suggest some of our car ones (see products below) which will do the job, though please be aware that they don’t come with fitting instructions for bikes but you should be able to work it out.

Motorbike Helmets

Rider, pillion and any side-car passenger must wear a helmet and it is compulsory that everyone has four reflective strips on the helmet. (See stickers below)

GB Sticker

A GB sticker of some kind needs to be as near to (or on) the rear registration plate. We appreciate, and sometimes even the French police do, that it is very difficult to fit a GB plate anywhere on a motorcycle. We sell these small car GB number plate ones which have a peel off backing and just stick on (Not the magnetic ones) and they can be slightly trimmed with scissors to fit on a lot of bikes so you might want to try one. (Trim it before peeling off the backing)

Documents to take

Licence, vehicle registration document, Insurance and passport are all a must.

French Road Signs

You can find out more detailed info on signs here, but remember a “Stop” sign means you MUST stop even if there isn't anyone for 2 miles in any direction!

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