France: The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts

One of the nice things about being considered something an authority on any topic is that people sometimes seek out your opinion on things related to that subject. Most people find that an ego boost and if I'm honest I'm no different to the majority in that respect.

So, I was pleased when the nice people at Veloce Publishing sent me a copy of their new book written by Julian Parish entitled, France: The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts in the hope that I'd give it a positive review.

As always I've been busy of late so it took me a while before I could have a serious look at it. Now that I've finally got round to it I'm glad I did and I can now happily give the book the double thumbs up. It really is very good.

It's a book that will serve anyone well who has an interest in any type of touring holiday around France and although it will probably prove more valuable to the petrol heads amongst you it has something for everyone who travels or is about to travel through France.

It has over two hundred things for the car enthusiast to see and do all over France. It is broken down into car attractions/points of interest, food, wine tasting and even beaches.
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The book is separated in to 5 main regions – Paris & the Île-de-France, Western France, Southern France, Central France & the Alps, and North-East France.

Each of the sections has a vast amount of specific information for the car enthusiast. including where to find car museums, classic and modern car shows, car parts, and a variety of motor sport events both classic and modern. It even lists race circuits you can go to.

How Good is the Book?

Is this the best book of its type that I've ever read on this topic, well I can safely say its the only book of its type that I've ever read on this topic.

You just cannot find a book that's aimed at driving in France and things for car enthusiasts to do. This is a unique guide and one you will return to again and again.

Our most popular page on this website is our "Driving in France Checklist" page, there we list all the essential things you must take with you while motoring in France, I think this book should be added to that list.


Whatever type of cars tickle your fancy, old, new, racing cars etc you’ll find loads of ideas for places to go, things to see, and do whilst in France.

Members of a motoring club could use something from this guidebook as a reason to go to France to take part in a big event or just maybe a Dad could organise a day out for the family as just a part of your normal holiday.

All things automotive in France are covered in this handbook which is just jam packed with invaluable info for the car mad holidaymaker.
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