More Speeding Ticket Misery

Posted by  admin  Feb 21, 2017

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 Image from the "Sunday Times"

Oh no it’s really happening. The traffic authorities in France have turned to private companies to help operate mobile speed cameras.

Currently there are just fewer than 400 unmarked cars used by the police and these are responsible for catching about one and a half million speeding drivers per year.

That might seem a lot but the truth is that due to the high costs involved in running and manning the fleet of unmarked cars they only do an hour or two a day on average. The big worry is that when a private firm takes over they will be going “flat out” to increase profits so they will be working all hours in a bid to issue as many fines as possible.


Speed Kills

The government have long been applying pressure to try and reduce the number of road deaths in France and this is the reason for the privatisation. They have plans to increase the number of unmarked cars as well.

The private firms will be attempting to catch anyone going 10km/hr above the legal speed limit on normal roads passing the limit by 10% where the roads allow 100km/hr or more.

These changes should all be in place by September 2017, so as always you should be very careful when on the roads in France an make sure you stick to the correct speeds.

If your car only displays MPH then you might find our “Speed Converter” useful as it gives you at a glance while driving the equivalent KPH from MPH.


What will the effects be?

Well the fear is a huge increase in the number of speeding tickets issued, but it remains to be seen if it has any effect on the number of deaths on the road in France each year.


Cross Border Enforcement Directive

I've written before about the new EU rules on the Cross Border Enforcement Directive and if you are driving in France and concerned about speeding you should definitely read this