Mobile Speed Camera Menace

Posted by  admin  Oct 12, 2015


French motoring organisations are up in arms about a new radar speed camera currently being used on stretch of road with road works on it.

It's currently catching up to 20 motorists a minute during peak times and the French are not happy about it and have demanded the withdrawal of the offending camera.

It was put there on Friday, October 9th 2015, on the outer ring road of Toulouse (A62), at the site of the new interchange Borderouge, which I believe is the Montpelier to Bordeaux road.

Speed Camera France.jpg

Photo by @cotetoulouse 


Lack of Signage

Motoring groups in France within four days of installation of the new device were denouncing it, stating that "a lack of sign-age and information about the speed limit" meant it was unfair and the the fines for speeding should be squashed.

Although the standalone camera is sign posted it is not like the usual road signs informing of the presence of a radar camera. It is much smaller and harder to see claim drivers. 

If you see the photo of it above it's a BIG camera but this moveable and the French authorities are able to move it to different locations as and when it's required.

So a warning UK drivers be careful going through roadworks in future.


See it in Action!

Someone has posted a video on YouTube showing a 3 minute film of it and it flashes 54 times in 3 minutes. That's a money earner right there!

It's parked on the hard shoulder, though it's well hidden from drivers, and in the video the first car that gets flashed is about 17 seconds into the video.


Speeding in France

To read more about speeding fines in France for UK drivers and the new cross border fines see our "speeding in France" page.





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