4 Lose licence speeding in France

Posted by  admin  Jun 26, 2018


Four drivers from the UK have rightly been banned from driving in France after the police caught them speeding at twice the speed limit. Newspaper reports have stated they were doing up to 265 kph (164 mph).

The incident happened near Calais on the A26 known as the "Autoroute des Anglais".

All the people involved were taking part in the “Modball Rally” event which was super-car rally from London to Vienna.

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The event features a lot of fun, 180 fast cars, and raising money for charity but as always happens when you have younger drivers in an array of super-cars the speed limits are often ignored.  The event organises state the owner/drivers shouldn’t race each other but it gets competitive to see who can arrive first at each checkpoint.

Apart from the four who lost their licences many more were caught speeding and were fined for doing over 180 kph.

The four who lost their licences were fined 750 Euro’s each, though it’s £3,000 to enter the event and is going to cost at least £10,000 when you factor in "entertainment" and expenses. Also the cars they are driving are worth more than the average house so I doubt it dented their pocket money too much.

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At least none of them had been drinking or they would have had their cars confiscated.

The people involved in these incidents always claim “it’s not dangerous” as it was on a quiet straight road etc etc. but 164 mph on any public road?

When you’re doing 260 kph + with a speed limit of 130 kph then that has to be dangerous.

The Modball event covers London to Paris then onto, Lyon, Monaco, Venice and Vienna.

If your car does not show your speed in kph we sell a handy speed converter for your dash board but I doubt you’d have time to look at it safely if you are doing 164 mph. Speed converters here.

All the photo's on this page were taken from the Modball Rally Instagram page. @Modballrally. 


What if you get caught speeding in France?

Let me say that this is the main reason I don't have a phone number on the website anymore. I was just spending way too much time listening to people tell me BS stories about why they happened to be speeding and wanting to know what they could do about it.

I'm not a UK solicitor yet alone a French one so I can't help even if I wanted to and I don't want to.

My advice is pay the fine and don't moan about it.




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