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Become a Featured Property on

January 2021


Enjoying up to 3,300 pageviews a day last year, is one of the most popular websites for people to visit when planning a holiday or business trip to France.

We are shortly going to relaunch our 'Places to Stay' section of the website.  If you own a place to stay in France that is out of the ordinary, then we want to know about it.

Until the end of Spring 2022, we will be featuring only specially selected properties on our new 'Places to Stay' section of the website.

chateau in France

For those properties that are chosen, they will be listed FREE in the revised Places to Stay section and will benefit from the following.


  • Prominently featured on the Drive-France website, which gets up to 3,300 pageviews per day

  • A full web page of unique content, written by our own travel writer - talking about your property and nearby attractions

  • Photographs taken exclusively by us

  • A link to your booking website (with no commission or other fees due to us)

  • Posting of your listing out to our c.7,500 social media followers.  This can often generate up to 1,000 visitors to the web page within a week of the posting.

How Do I Get My Property Listed?


Register your interest in becoming a featured property by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

We will then do a quick appraisal and if it looks like it might be suitable, we will arrange a visit by one of our travel writers.

To be featured, our travel writer will need to experience a short stay (one or two nights) at the property to be able to review it comprehensibly. The review will cover the accommodation and the surrounding areas that guests could reasonably visit using the property as a base.

During their stay the travel writer will gather sufficient detail and take the necessary photos/videos to do an in-depth write-up of the holiday home and local attractions. This will enable us to give the Drive-France visitors all they need to know to make a fully informed decision about staying at your holiday home.

What are we looking for?


There are three main things we are looking for in choosing our featured properties.  Either:

The accommodation itself

Is it out of the ordinary - such as an old castle, a cave house, a tepee, a glamping experience or a luxuriously-restored gite? 

The activities or theme of the accommodation

Do you provide great activities such as mountain bikes, horse riding, kayaking, water sports, painting/art getaways, Pilates, mindfulness, cookery lessons, classic car hire or motorcycle tours?

The surrounding area

Is your gite or holiday home located close to a must-see destination?

We want to feature accommodation close to France’s finest tourist destinations. Whether that is spectacular scenery, beautiful villages, charming chateaus, the best vineyards, the D-Day beaches or anything quintessentially French.

Frequently Asked Questions...


How much does it cost to be a featured property on

There is no charge to be listed as a featured property on for the year ending 30th June 2022.  However, we will be selecting properties to feature on an individual basis, in accordance with the details on this page.


How are bookings handled?

This is completely up to you, as we don't take any commission, admin or other fees.  If you already have a booking system - or an account on a website such as - we will link to your property there.  Bookings will not be made or handled by at all.


Will priority be given to gites already listed on the old Places to Stay section?

Whilst we are very happy to feature properties that have been listed on our website in the past, they would need to meet the requirements set out on this page.


Will I get paid for the travel writer's stay?

Unfortunately not.  We bear the costs of our travel writer's time, travel and other expenses surrounding their visit to your property - but you will not be paid for any accommodation or meals provided to them as part of this initiative.

When you consider the charges and commissions made by other listing websites, we feel that this is still an attractive proposition for you to advertise your holiday property on one of the busiest websites for people looking to travel to France.


Can my listing be removed after it is published?

Yes, if we have concerns about the standard of hospitality, cleanliness or other factors that are likely to impact upon the enjoyment by any guests that may stay at your property - initially we would try to raise these concerns with you - but at all times retain the right to remove listings if we believe this is in the best interests of our website visitors.

At the end of June 2022 we will be re-evaluating the properties to be featured for the following year.  If your property continues to match our criteria (which applies at that time) then it will remain in the feature for at least another year.


Will I see the website copy that is written about my property before it goes live on the website?

Yes, once we have the page written we will send a copy for your approval.  We may agree to make minor changes to the written wording or the photographs used during our discussions with you.  Ultimately it is up to you to approve the content before we publish it on our website, but we will only publish material that is also approved by the travel writer that stayed at your property.




Register your interest in becoming a featured property by completing this form.

Please give as much information as possible, as we will make a decision as to suitability based upon what you tell us.

If we believe that our website visitors would appreciate hearing about your property then we will be in touch to try and arrange a visit by one of our travel writers.

Fill out my online form.