Headlamp Converters Multi-Pack

If you wish to buy more than one pair of converters. See this page on Euro Motoring as they have discounts if you buy 2 or 3 sets of converters.


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We suggest that if you often visit Europe more than once a year then you would benefit from buying more than one pair at a time to save money.

Headlamp Beam Converters are a "Must Do" legal requirement for all UK cars, vans and lorries driving in France, to make sure that your headlights don´t shine in the eyes of oncoming traffic. These have to be fitted to your car even if you only drive during the daylight hours.

They fit every make and model of car and van. Our brand are EU approved, simple to fit and easy to remove when you return to the UK so remember to get some before you travel as it is a 90 Euro on the spot fine for not having them fitted.

New Style Headlight Converters

Please note we now sell the latest UK patented converters as sold by the leading suppliers these are also sold by the RAC motoring organisation.

We've run extensive tests on these and believe them to be the best product on the market today. 

Please note that the packaging that these leave the factory in is too big to allow them to fit inside a standard envelope so to reduce our postage costs and thereby save money to enable us to offer them at this great price we remove the outer packaging and just send them in the polythene bag inside a normal envelope. 

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