The Languedoc-Roussillon region is a perfect holiday destination with a variety of diverse scenic views from beaches to mountains; it is truly a land of breathtaking contrasts. Holding deep in its realms the region offers to its visitors a combination of lively towns, the far stretching views, an ancient history and some brilliantly futuristic architecture.

From beautiful sunsets over the blue and clear seas;  to long stretches of sandy beaches, to lush green foothills and whitewashed Snow laden snow-capped Mountains that are a perfect fit for skiing.

Le port de Sète.jpg

Le port de Sète

While you are in the region, you must visit the seaside resorts on the captivating coastline, which tempts those who visit to bask in the sun and stare in to the serene, calm waters. The Cévennes foothills are yet another natural wonder which you can explore by either a steam train or on foot, and if you would really like a touch of traditional, on the back of a donkey or a mule too!

The Pyrénées-Orientales and the Aude ski areas are made up of a staggering total of 200 kms of slopes.  You can discover these magical lands, cycling alongside the captivating Canal du Midi, and going through these heavenly gorges are one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Stopping off to take a full look and admire the sheer beauty of the Canal Locks of Fonseranes is yet another one of those “must do” while in this splendid part of France.

The Via Domitiaroute is dotted with breath taking sights, you will witness some wonders of the ancient Roman world in the form of their greatest structures, from the famous Pont du Gard to the mighty Nîmes Arenas, and the truly phenomenal archaeological site at Ensérune.

What makes this land truly aspiring is how power and religion has left its mark, from the Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, to the lavish Kings’ Palaces of Majorca to the old fortified city in the heart of Carcassonne.

The true splendour of the Languedoc-Roussillon countryside can be admired in its full form from the ever-popular vantage point located at the centre of the Mont-Aigoual Observatory, but the scenic and architectural wonders are not where the best of this land comes to a halt, there is much more.

You can enjoy a very exciting cuisine of some flavoursome, uniquely distinct and delicious foods, as there are many gourmands that the region takes great pride in serving. The city of Montpellier is where you can witness how classic heritage has intertwined with some modern buildings, representing a unique mix of old and new.

From some of the choicest seafood platters rich in clams, delicious oysters and mussels from the Bouzigues; as well as the mouthwatering Pélardon, the rich and creamy Causses Blue, and Tome cheeses and meat pastries. The ever famous cassoulet made with rich ingredients such as the delicious bean stew casserole infused with some pork meat or juicy duck meat from Castelnaudary.

The colourful markets of the region are a great source for some of the finest quality culinary ingredients anywhere in France.


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