Child Friendly Gites


Type of Accommodation: Variety of Self Catering Gites


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Chris and Wendy Blakeman

Telephone: 00 33 546330902


Twitter: @kidfriendlygite


To stand out in a crowded market it makes sense to try and specialise in one particular niche area. That's what Chris and Wendy Blakeman have been doing since 1996 when they started concentrating on the "Child Friendly" aspect of their self catering cottages.

Their Gites are only for families with young children, toddlers and babies and this concentration on one key area of the holiday accommodation market allows them to specialise.

They offer a variety of activities and a safe haven for the children to play whilst the parents can socialise and enjoy a relaxing break.

Wendy is registered in France as a child-minder and they offer a variety of extra services including baby-sitting,  mini-crèche and baby equipment.  (monitors, potties, buggies etc)

The Gites are located to the South East of La Rochele and East of Rochefort and if you are planning to drive all the way there from the UK with young children in the car that can be a challenge. Though often children sleep quite well throughout car journeys. I remember when my oldest daughter was young she thought France was about 10 minutes away because she seemed to fall asleep as soon as we got in the car and woke up when we got on the ferry.

This area of France though offers a great deal once you've made the effort to get there, so I personally feel it's worth the effort.


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