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Posted by  admin  Jan 30, 2019

The French Minister for Transport Elisabeth Borne has warned of a severe storm headed in Frances direction and warns drivers not to travel without checking the roads and weather updates first.

She said, "This episode is likely to cause major disruption of road networks and transport services."

Storm Gabriel is expected to deliver dangerously high winds, lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Even though France is a lot more used to snow than the UK there’s still probably going to be problems on the roads. Train, bus and even some flights may be affected.

There are severe weather warnings in place for more than forty departments in France. 

Winter Tyres and Snow Chains

Winter tyres are not a legal requirement while driving in France BUT snow chains are compulsory on certain mountain passes. (Mostly around the ski resort areas of the Alps) Special road signs flash when you must use snows chains. The signs normally say "Chaînes à neige obligatoire".

If you have chains fitted then the maximum speed limit is 50 kph but you wouldn’t want to go any faster as it will feel like your car is shaking to bits. 

So, carry snow chains in your vehicle if you are off to the ski resort areas. You don’t have to have them if you are just driving around Paris no matter how bad the snow is. 

If you are going to Germany then you must have winter tyres on snowy or icy roads.


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