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Posted by  admin  Oct 3, 2015

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France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls is getting fed up with “Foreign drivers” breaking the French driving laws almost with impunity. So he has decided to introduce "virtual driving licenses" for foreign drivers in an attempt to reduce the number of road deaths.

From now on consistent offenders will lose the ability to drive in France at all when these new rules come into force.


Two Little Ducks

He has announced 22 changes or additions to the already numerous French driving, motorcycling and cycling rules.

For instance children under twelve years of age MUST wear a helmet and another five hundred real speed cameras and 10,000 “dummy” cameras are to be installed across France to act as a deterrent.


Virtual Licence

British drivers caught for driving offences in France even when they have had to pay fines (See here for Speeding Fine Article) by and large get away light as we don’t get normally get points on our UK licences.

Now with the new “virtual licence” you will tot up points in France for repeat offences and then may well be banned from driving in France altogether.

The French government say it’s a way of "restoring the equal treatment between French and foreign drivers", not just picking on Johnny Foreigner.

I’m sure U drivers won’t like this and to be fair even French motoring organisations aren’t too thrilled with the idea. Pierre Chasseray, from “40 Million d'Automobilistes” thinks it’s a terrible idea to victimise tourists who visit France each year.

Actually more speeding offences are committed by Belgians, Spanish and German drivers but we certainly are responsible for our fair share.


Gloves for Motorcyclists

Riding gloves for motorcyclists will be mandatory as is the carrying of a “Hi Viz Vest”, see more details on “Motorcycling in France” here.


Company Car Drivers Accountable

In the UK it’s a bigger offence to NOT say who was driving the car when it was speeding or running a red light than it actually is to carry out the offence. UK firms HAVE to say who was driving the company vehicle if it breaks the law but in France this has never been the case, until now.

This loophole is now being closed so that should reduce the number of French company car drivers speeding at will who think they won’t have to pay the fine.


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