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Posted by  admin  May 12, 2015


I put a lot of hours into this website and anyone who creates content for a website or blog will know that it's not an easy thing to do. Most of the time though my hard work seems to be unappreciated as even though I know many people do find the info on this website to be of use to them they are often too busy to take the time to say thanks.

Occasionally though I get a boost from someone by way of a compliment and this is a real incentive to try even harder.


P&O Ferries

I have over 2,100 followers on twitter, @Drivinginfrance, but P&O Ferries have over 11,000 followers so imagine my surprise when they not only decided to follow me but re-tweet 2 of my recent tweets.

I make a habit of replying to virtually everyone who Re-Tweets (RT's) one of my tweets as it's not only polite but seems to get me more RT's in future.

So as always I replied to thank them for the RT's they kindly sent this reply.

"@DrivinginFrance No problem! Yours is a very useful site and we think our customers will agree! Keep up the good work :)"

It's nice to get great feedback like this, and to know your hard work is appreciated. 

P&O Ferries.jpg


Tips For Your Website

If you run your own website or are thinking about starting one I would say this. Pick a business based both on your interests and your strengths, or you will be forced into working harder for less.

If someone buys a "Drive-France Kit" via the website I earn a small amount of money on each sale, but one thing I've learned about websites and blogs's is that money is just a side effect. The moment you make it all about money, that's when you fail.

Just keep writing/blogging the very best "original" content you possibly can about your interests and the sales will take care of themselves.


I work very hard on this website!

Can you do me a quick favour in return for providing this free information? I'd really be grateful if you told Twitter or Facebook that you appreciate my efforts!

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