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Posted by  admin  Apr 20, 2015


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I'm pleased to announce that starting shortly I will be a contributor to the excellent national online lifestyle magazine websites “English Informer in France” and “English Informer in the UK” these are websites offering news, stories, regional articles, etc to a variety of people based in the UK and France.

I was approached by the owner Susan Allen about allowing some of my articles to be used on the websites, and though I’d normally be reluctant to allow my work to be used to promote someone else’s website after a short chat with her I was immediately won over.

I was so impressed with what she has achieved with the websites in such a short space of time and her future plans that I was happy to agree.

I've personally been involved in websites since 2003 and I've owned and run many of them for myself and other clients.  Drive-France is my passion not my main source of income; my main business is in fact website design and website promotion for clients.

(I help people get their websites higher up in Google by designing mobile friendly websites and organising their social media and search engine optimisation)

So the point is I know how much hard work is involved in producing a substantial website let alone two and the fact that they are both less than a year old and yet both have over 2,000 pages listed in the Google search engine is hugely impressive. If you want to know how to do that single handed then 16 hour days 7 days a week is all it takes!

I wish Susan the future success that her hard work deserves, and please look out for articles from me on the English Informer in France shortly.


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