French Petrol Blockade: Don’t Panic!

Posted by  admin  Jun 14, 2018


I hesitated to post about this situation as it’s not that bad at this point but forewarned is forearmed as they say.

So the background to this story is that yet another thing has annoyed the French farmers. As we know it doesn’t take much, and they have decided to blockade some refineries and petrol stations again this year.

It seems I write an article like this every summer but sadly I can’t find the one I wrote last year or I would have just cut and pasted it in.


Petrol Prices France.jpg


What are they moaning about this time?

Farmers are hacked off because oil firm Total are importing palm oil for use in their biofuels, which the French farmers see as a threat to their production of domestic biofuel from rapeseed.


Which areas are affected?

Most of the problems are in and around Paris, Nantes and Lyon all other areas seem OK currently. It's only Total garages at this point so you should be fine unless they start blockading other firms as well.  


What should you do?

Don’t panic! Usually it’s panic buying that causes the problem more than the industrial action. I would however suggest you fill up in the UK before leaving and keep an eye on the situation. If I hear of any news I will update on twitter. See my twitter feed here (@DrivinginFrance)