French Fuel Protest Planned

Posted by  admin  Nov 11, 2018


Protesters in France will be blockading roads all over France on Saturday 17th November 2018. It’s in a show of anger against the rising cost of fuel in France during 2018.

The group known as the “yellow vests” (gilets jaunes) are hoping to bring traffic to a complete halt across a big an area of France as possible.

My advice is if you don’t have to drive (or motorcycle) on the 17th then stay off the roads altogether.


Why the Protest?

The price of petrol has increased almost 15% this year and diesel by 23% and more price increases are planned for the 1st January 2019, so in fairness I’d be tempted to protest as well.


Why the Yellow Vests?

They have called themselves the “gilets jaunes” because they will all be wearing one! All motorists and motorcyclists in France must carry a Hi Viz vest with them while on the roads in France as it is one of their driving regulations. See our checklist page here for all the items you need in a car and our motorcycle page for all items you need if riding a motorcycle.


Even the Police are Onside!

Members of one of France’s police unions have implored their officers to stand in solidarity with the public over this and have asked officers not to issue tickets to any motorists on Saturday.

French President Emmanuel Macron has refused to back down so far and says the price hike in January will go ahead as planned.


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