Child Left in Services

Posted by  admin  Aug 11, 2015


Have you ever driven off and worried that you've forgotten something, perhaps left the gas cooker on or forgotten to turn the TV off? 

Or maybe left one of your children behind?

A French couple were being spoken to by police yesterday as it turns out they drove off from a motorway rest stop, and drove approximately 90 miles before realising they'd left their three year old daughter behind at the services.

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Enjoying a French Riviera break

Whilst on a family trip they stopped en-route and then drove off without the child.

Police said the Mom and Dad only realised what they'd done when they heard a news report on the car radio. They had since driven 93 miles from the rest stop.

The poor little girl was spotted by other drivers at the layby just off the Autoroute du Soleil on Sunday 9th August.

The three year old was thankfully bright enough to tell the people who found her that the family were "going to the seaside" and that she saw "Daddy's car pull away".

Apparently the parents had two older children in the car as well but no one realised the toddler was missing.

So it's not just David Cameron that leaves his children behind!



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