Almost France

Posted by  admin  Sep 28, 2015

My brother turned 50 last week so to celebrate the occasion thirty five of us went on a short cruise with P&O to Guernsey over the weekend. As it’s just off the coast of Normandy in France it’s about as close to France as you can get without actually going.

Although I can't even remember how many ferries to France I've been on this was my first ever cruise and I must say I really enjoyed it.

Ace Ventura.jpg

 The Ventura

So much better that flying

Getting on and off the ship is so much less hassle than boarding a plane. Even though you have to show your passport and put your hand luggage through the x-ray machines the whole operation is so much quicker and easier.

I must praise the organisation of the whole trip by P&O as first class when you consider they have 3,500 passengers to get on and off and look after during the voyage. Everything went perfectly with military precision.

For me I also have to say it was a nice change not to be driving for once.


The Cruise

We boarded the “Ventura” on Friday at about 1.00 pm and set sail at 5.30 pm. I'm not sure what time we arrived in Guernsey but we were there when I woke up! We were anchored just outside the capital of Guernsey, Port St Peter, and we went via tender to spend the day ashore which was very nice. We were lucky with the weather for the 3 days and had a very nice day on Guernsey.


 Peter St Port, Guernsey 

The food on board was excellent and as it was all included in the price so it was therefore probably a good thing that I was only on board from Friday till Sunday. If I’d gone on a 2 week cruise I’d have been the size of a house by the time I got home.



Port St Peter

The town is very pretty and must be one of the best to visit on the Channel Islands. It has some nice architecture and narrow little streets with plenty of nice shops for those who like some retail therapy.

If history is your thing Castle Cornet, is worth a visit. It was the last Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War and now has a museum which is interesting.

Sadly while I was there I didn't get a chance to visit the WW2 German occupation museum which I would have liked to have done given more time. 


 Castle Cornet


This is an old video (not taken by me) and shows the small tenders used to take people from ship to shore and vice versa.